Headland is a word that invokes bravery. As a headland is defined as a narrow area of land jutting out into a body of water, there is the implied audacity of the land to venture out into the sea, and the steadfastness to remain there in the face of the wildest forces. There is perspective – both looking out to the horizon, and back at the land. Lastly, a headland stands out, distinct and memorable. It evokes the place you go when you are lost in a good story, compelled to finish, and the place where the story lingers long after you are done.

Publishing quality short literary fiction and creative non-fiction stories, Headland is a digital journal, regularly published and available through Amazon.com. The journal gives voice to aspiring writers alongside established authors, offering a platform for first-time publication. New Zealand is home to remarkable literary talent, and Headland is a springboard for writers to explore and develop their potential, and showcase their early-career works. We welcome overseas submissions and seek to publish an international story in each issue.

Headland aims to explore literary frontiers at home and abroad. With no subject parameters, writers are free to submit on any topic.  See Submissions for detailed criteria.

As readers and writers, we hope that Headland takes you places you’ll want to revisit, and offers new perspective and territory to explore.

Headland is an activity of The Maisonette Trust.