Ariana Buckley

Ariana Buckley is a writer living in the Manawatu with her two children. She is currently working towards a Masters of Creative Writing, and trying to a find purpose for her passion for fiction writing. She published a blog post for Headland in January, and this is her first published piece fiction.

Ariana Buckley: Writer: Level 1

The page is blank, metaphorically speaking. After all, I’m a millennial and would never write anything if I had to contend with the hand cramps that come from actually putting pen to paper. But I also don’t have to write anything. I’ve finished my degree.

Ariana Buckley: Ko Wai to Ikoa

“Kia ora tāku pēpi. ”

I filled the bottles with colostrum, heating them in the microwave before passing one to her. If she was going to stick around, she might as well make herself useful.