Breton Dukes

Breton Dukes is a Dunedin short story writer. His two collections were both published by VUP. 

Breton Dukes: Extras: Writing Black Bird

Extras: bonus content to complement the works in our issues: commentary, stories, interviews, and more. For lucky Issue 13, Breton Dukes tells us about the process of writing his story ‘Black Bird'. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a good ‘un. Breton is a Dunedin short story writer.

Breton Dukes: Black Bird

With the tide right out the three boys made their first rectangle on the flat, hard sand, near the water line. “Wider,” said Stone. “We’re playing seven rounds,” said Cog. Rabbits looked at where Cog was on the beach. “Yeah, wider,” he said.