Stephen Coates

Stephen Coates comes from Christchurch but is currently living in Japan. 

Stephen Coates : Extras: When The Rain Set In: Rudolph In Conversation With Herself

Extras: bonus content to complement the works in our issues: commentary, stories, interviews, and more. If you’ve read the story ‘Maelstrom’ by Stephen Coates, you’ll know why we chose it. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Stephen Coates : Maelstrom

“It’s not a whirlpool, I don’t reckon,” I said. “You can’t have a whirlpool without water. Can you?”

The elderly man on my left paused in the act of peeling a mandarin, his moist eyes blinking as if I’d called him back from some distant dream.

Stephen Coates : This is Not My Beautiful House

Someone was in the kitchen again. Cupboard doors opened and closed. Footsteps, not loud but not furtive either. Plates rattled in the sink and a coffee maker gurgled. I could smell butter melting in the frying pan. And that sounded like a food processor.