Wes Lee

Wes Lee currently lives in Wellington. Her fiction has appeared in The Stinging FlyThe Lampeter Review, Landfall, The London Reader, The Listener, The Sleepers Almanac, Going Down Swinging, and many other publications. She was the recipient of The BNZ Katherine Mansfield Literary Award, and has won a number of awards for her writing. Most recently she was selected as a finalist for the Sarah Broom Poetry Prize 2018. Her latest poetry collection Body, Remember was published in London as part of the Lorgnette Series (Eyewear Publishing, 2017).

Wes Lee: Brio

I stared at his photo on the cover of his book. I remembered the mental health ads he’d starred in. Filmed at the beach, staring into rock pools at the myriads of tiny watery lives. Silent, immovable starfish and glassy red anemones plopping open.