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In Issue 9:

Alie Benge, ‘No Church in the Wild’: Alie has lived in Tauranga, Ethiopia, Tauranga again, and Australia, before finally ending up in Wellington. She is an editor for Open Polytechnic, and divides the rest of her time between writing her novel and trying to end modern slavery. Both feel equally difficult.

Matt Billington, ‘A Use For Everything’: Matt grew up in Rotorua and has spent the last eighteen years playing in DIY punk bands, his current one being The Prophet Motive.  He enjoys reading Donald Ray Pollock, listening to Propagandhi, and lives in West Auckland with his artist wife Kerry and son, Jordan.

Craig Burnett, ‘Seeds’: Craig is a former journalist, who now works for a global politics think tank. He was born in Dundee and lives in south London, where he writes about awkward conversations, nasty surprises and the weight of the past. He has stories forthcoming in Noble Gas Quarterly, Flexible Persona, Fictive Dream and the Glasgow Review of Books. He Tweets @cburnettwriter.

Carolyn Cossey, ‘Threads’: Carolyn is a writer and journalist in her final year of a Bachelor of Creative Writing at Manukau Institute of Technology. She has been published in Flash Frontier, and was placed third in the Landfall essay competition of 2016.

Louise Hopewell, ‘West Gate Rising’: Louise is an Australian writer, poet and songwriter. Louise suffers from itchy feet and has lived and worked in Thailand, Japan and a remote community in Central Australia. Back in Melbourne, Louise teaches creativity and leads community laughter groups. In her serious, grown-up life, Louise works in public policy.

Aaron Horrell, ‘Hamish’s Place’: Aaron is a part-time writing student and full-time soulless bureaucrat. He lives in Wellington but he’ll always be from Whanganui. He likes to travel, eat, and complain about trivial things.

Samantha Murphy, ‘Gameology’: Samantha is a Wellington-based writer of short stories, poetry, and the small things in between. Currently studying at Victoria University, she attended the International Institute of Modern Letters for the workshops, but stayed for the view.

Fiona Perry, ‘Runaway People’: Fiona’s short stories and poetry have been published in The Irish Literary Review, Spontaneity Magazine, Into The Void, The Galway Review, Skylight47 and two anthologies of Australian Award Winning Original Short Stories. Forthcoming publication in Tahake Magazine. She grew up in Northern Ireland but has lived most of her adult life in England and Australia. She currently lives in New Zealand. Follow her on Twitter @Fionaperry17.

John-Paul Powley, ‘Time Never Cares’: John-Paul lives in Wellington.

Leanne Radojkovich, ‘The Plasticine Horse’: Leanne’s collection of short stories First fox is being launched during the Auckland Writers Festival in May. Her work was translated into Chinese for the 14th International Conference on the Short Story in English, held in Shanghai, where she also presented; and her flash fiction street art has popped up in USA, Sweden and Tanzania. Visit

Elizabeth Smither, ‘The House of Skin’: Elizabeth has published 18 collections of poetry, five novels and five short story collections. A new collection of poems, Night Horse, will be published by Auckland University Press in 2017.

Daniel T, ‘Sanctuary’: Daniel is 22 years old and, having grown up in Auckland, the city often tends to be the setting if not the focus of his writing.

Jade Wallace, ‘All Those Saturdays’: Jade works in a legal clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in The Dalhousie Review, The Nashwaak Review, Draft, Feathertale, Poetry Sz, Breakfast in a Day, Pac’n Heat: A Noir Homage To Ms. Pac-Man, and six chapbooks from Grey Borders Books.