Issue 10

Sally Christie: The Caretaker

I’ve lived long enough to know I should stay in the background. It’s better that way. The landscape and people have changed so much I wouldn’t know how to be in it these days. But I know how to help behind the scenes.

Sharon Lam: The Adventures of Mental Man

I was struggling to hold my groceries, deeply regretting not taking a basket. You stared at me weirdly, not helping at all. “Who is that very hot unhelpful man,” I thought. “____ __ ____,” you telepathically replied. That night I met Yuri at the cinema.

Monique Reymer: Blankets for Dead Babies

Twenty-five centimetres times four over a ninety centimetre width – that would be twelve tiny blankets per metre, Margaret calculated in her head as she dropped the armload of material rolls onto the counter for cutting. “A metre of each, please.

Jayne Mulligan: Farmers Christmas

Time gets stretchy and elastic-y in the mall over Christmas. It’s slowest during late night shopping nights, when the mall starts doing midnight finishes: time basically reaches a standstill. It seems to defy the rule of time.

Joe Baumann: I Forgot to Tell You About the Bears

The day of my retirement, Padi surprises me with a party at our home, sneaking her guests into the basement, their cars parked a street over so I am clueless.