Every fiction and nonfiction piece published in Headland is considered for our prizes, with the prize amounts awarded annually.

Headland Prize

For the best story of the year. Winners:

2018: Breton Dukes, ‘Black Bird’, Issue 13 (NZ$500)

2017: Conrad Smyth, ‘147 Days and Counting’, Issue 11 (NZ$500)

2016: D. A. Hosek, ‘Our Lady of the Freeway’, Issue 6 (NZ$250)

2015: Kathryn van Beek, ‘Frangipani’, Issue 2 (NZ$200)

Frontier Prize

For the best story of the year by a previously unpublished author. Winners:

2018: Kirsteen Ure, ‘The Amazing Crocodilian’, Issue 14 (NZ$250)

2017: Simon Middlemas, ‘Mi Mujer Maravilla’, Issue 11 (NZ$250)

2016: Iona Winter, ‘The Lake’, Issue 6 (NZ$150)

2015: Caoimhe McKeogh, ‘Lemon’, Issue 4 (NZ$100)