Nod Ghosh

Nod Ghosh is a graduate of the Hagley Writers' Institute in Christchurch. Short stories or poems have been accepted or appeared in JAAM, Takahe, Penduline, Christchurch Press, TheGayUK, Flash Frontier and feature in anthologies Love on the Road 2015 (Liberties Press) and Landmarks (U.K. 2015 National Flash-Fiction Day publication). Further details can be found at

Nod Ghosh: Forty-One Years

The glue from a stamp furs my tongue like rubber cement. I can’t post a letter into the past, but I can send it to your last known address.  

It was the Indian heat. Blistering, a few weeks before Christmas. I was thirteen.

Nod Ghosh: Bubbles

It’s the shouting that frightens me. “Bloody wogs! Get out of our country!”

I don’t know what all the words mean, but Mummy pulls away from the man, and I fall over. She tugs on my harness and lifts me into the air.