Samantha Lane Murphy

Samantha Lane Murphy is a recent graduate from the International Institute of Modern Letters. She writes about robots and lives in Wellington.

Samantha Lane Murphy: Gameology

I woke up. I had slept 4. 5 hours. This was an improvement from last night's 4. 3, but well below the 7. 5 hours needed to earn the niteNite achievement.

Samantha Lane Murphy: Hard Wear

It was the bright red of her dress that caught his eye. A shock of scarlet in the midden heap grey. He thought, She must have fallen. And then he thought, She was thrown. He climbed down, spaceman slow. Respirator, rubber boots, thick gloves, tool belt, goggles, hood.

Samantha Lane Murphy: Robot Women

I had this image in my head that stayed there for over a decade. It was the image of a robotic woman who couldn't understand the violence that was happening to her, and why it was happening to her, seeing as she had been made to be loved.