Blog 31

Narrative Voice: Adjusting the shadows

Voice and other questions: Part Two

We asked Headland authors featured in Issue 8 some questions around narrative voice: do they write with a particular message in mind or greater thematic purpose? Is...

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Blog 32

Narrative Voice

Voice and other questions: Part One

For Issue 8 we’re exploring narrative voice. We asked a couple of Issue 8 writers some questions about their ‘voice’.

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Blog 33

This is how it ends

Let’s Talk About Endings: Part Two

We are continuing our discussion of endings for our Issue 7 series.

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Blog 34

The End

Let’s Talk About Endings: Part One

Oh, endings.

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Blog 16

What’s in a Name?

Talking About Titles: 

In our Issue 6 blog series, we’re talking about titles. Do they affect the way you read a story? Are they important to you? Previously, D.

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Blog 17

What We Talk About When We Talk About Titles

A Rose By Any Other Name

Story titles: something we discuss as an editorial team often.

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Blog 19

Observations, Aphorisms and Rules for Writing

We asked a couple of our Issue 5 writers, “How much of an island are you when it comes to your writing? Are you part of a writers group, do you seek feedback...

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Blog 20

Community & Positive Black Holes

Are You an Island?

We love reading your submissions. They make us think a lot about writers’ processes and about preferences.

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Blog 21

Two Tūrangawaewae

Exploring Sense of Place – Do We Write What We Know?

In this Issue 4 series, we asked a few of our writers to reflect on whether they write what they know, and share...

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