Blog 28

So, um, what is creative nonfiction exactly?

By Headland Managing Editor Liesl Nunns

We love getting creative nonfiction submissions at Headland. We’d love to get more. We’d love to publish more.

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Blog 30

Who is telling our stories?

Narrative Voice: Part Three

We’re wrapping up our Issue 8 narrative voice series with Charlotte Rutty. Read previous posts by Sandra Arnold and Emma Robinson.

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Blog 31

Narrative Voice: Adjusting the shadows

Voice and other questions: Part Two

We asked Headland authors featured in Issue 8 some questions around narrative voice: do they write with a particular message in mind or greater thematic purpose? Is…

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Blog 32

Narrative Voice

Voice and other questions: Part One

For Issue 8 we’re exploring narrative voice. We asked a couple of Issue 8 writers some questions about their ‘voice’.

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Blog 33

This is how it ends

Let’s Talk About Endings: Part Two

We are continuing our discussion of endings for our Issue 7 series.

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Blog 34

The End

Let’s Talk About Endings: Part One

Oh, endings.

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Blog 16

What’s in a Name?

Talking About Titles: 

In our Issue 6 blog series, we’re talking about titles. Do they affect the way you read a story? Are they important to you? Previously, D.

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Blog 17

What We Talk About When We Talk About Titles

A Rose By Any Other Name

Story titles: something we discuss as an editorial team often.

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Blog 19

Observations, Aphorisms and Rules for Writing

We asked a couple of our Issue 5 writers, “How much of an island are you when it comes to your writing? Are you part of a writers group, do you seek feedback…

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