Blog 08

On Writing

Allan Drew’s story ‘Office Cockroach’ features in Issue 2. Here he explores how stories can take root – or not.

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Blog 09

Charles Dickens, Katherine Mansfield, and Writing About What You Know

Rupa Maitra’s story ‘White Noise’ features in Issue 2.  Here she reflects on her reading and writing influences.

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Blog 10

Priming the Pump

Issue 2 contributor Patrick Pink, author of ‘A Bloke’s Life’, reflects on what “primes the pump" of his writing.

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Blog 13

Feeding the Page

Editors’ note: New Zealand author Jillian Sullivan talks about her writing in our latest post.

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Blog 12

I Write Because I Know How

Daniel Davis shares his thoughts on writing in our latest guest author blog post. Daniel’s story ‘Buy One, Get One’ appears in Issue 1 of Headland.

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