Blog 37

The Setting

Local Feel

What makes a New Zealand story feel like our story? Makes it recognisable to you? What does ‘an Aotearoa New Zealand story’ mean to you? These were questions we...

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Blog 38

Writing Aotearoa

Local Feel

“What makes an Aotearoa New Zealand story, well, feel like an Aotearoa New Zealand story? Is it setting or style, character or theme? Or something else entirely?” 

This is the...

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Blog 42

So you think you have writer’s block? Think again.

Writing through it

We’re continuing our series looking at writing through creative challenges. We recently featured ‘Drawing Blood From Stone’ by Kate Joy Tobin.

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Blog 43

Drawing Blood From Stone

Creatively Challenged?

Welcome to another blog series for a new issue!  For Issue 10 we’re looking at creativity and how to deal with a rut, writers’ block, slump.

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Blog 25

People Not Characters

Characterisation Part III

Ray Bradbury wrote in Zen in the Art of Writing: “Plot is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to...

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Blog 26

Borrowing a rib and breathing life

Characterisation Part II

Following on from Craig Burnett’s post Kirk, and continuing our characterisation series, we hear from Alie Benge on crafting a believable character.

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Blog 27


Characterisation Part I

We’re into weird here at Headland.

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Blog 28

So, um, what is creative nonfiction exactly?

By Headland Managing Editor Liesl Nunns

We love getting creative nonfiction submissions at Headland. We’d love to get more. We’d love to publish more.

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Blog 30

Who is telling our stories?

Narrative Voice: Part Three

We’re wrapping up our Issue 8 narrative voice series with Charlotte Rutty. Read previous posts by Sandra Arnold and Emma Robinson.

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