Issue 15



Thom Conroy: Turning into a mosquito: An interview with Laura Jean McKay

Laura Jean McKay is the author of The Animals in That Country (Scribe 2020) - winner of The Victorian Prize for Literature 2021, The Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Fiction 2021, and the ABIA Small Publishers Adult Book of the Year 2021.

Ariana Buckley: Ko Wai to Ikoa

“Kia ora tāku pēpi. ”

I filled the bottles with colostrum, heating them in the microwave before passing one to her. If she was going to stick around, she might as well make herself useful.

David Schaumann: The Words Slide By

Shakespeare. Fucking Shakespeare. He wrote the name in his notebook, Shakespear, then worked at crafting the ‘S’ into an eel, sinister and threshing, such as you’d find in deep, whirling pools, where you can’t see their mouths and teeth lurk. Shakespeare.

Tim Saunders: Catching the Light

“Do you think the moon has any memory of who we are?” you ask as we walk slowly through puddled paddocks. Mud sticks to my gumboots, building up in big chunks on the soles until my legs feel too heavy to lift.

Erica Stretton: Fairlie Island

Every year in spring, the shearwaters and terns return to Fairlie Island, spiralling in from their long migration, exhausted and hungry.