Nina Mingya Powles. Photo by Sophie Davidson

The Boundaries Begin to Blur: An interview with Nina Mingya Powles

Photo credit Sophie Davidson Nina Mingya Powles is an acclaimed nonfiction writer and poet.

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Franchesca v2

Losing the Land

There was a spot in the middle of our lawn where I used to spend long summer days, communing with my surroundings.

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Karen Holdom


My aunt rests on her good side. She is a sparrow with a python in her belly. Each breath is heroic.

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R Mackenzie

Mother Tongue

Being We’ve been in Timor-Leste for two weeks.

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Miriam cropped


When we say that something is set in stone, we mean it’s immutable, permanent. But stone wears down over time, crumbles in the weather, is consumed by lichen.

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Whakarongo ki te Tai Ao

My best mornings are spent on the couch squeezed onto our thin, sloping veranda.

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Jess mini

The Ghost in the Room

Mask Before I open my eyes each morning I mentally list all the things I’ve done wrong. This is so I don’t think about them all day.

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Objects Visible to the Landlord During a Surprise Flat Inspection

A gold velvet playsuit A black sequinned vest One browning orange A decapitated polystyrene head An obviously dead plant No family photos Three dusty polaroids of Rotomā,…

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Clara Headshot 2022

Slings and Arrows

Note: This essay contains discussion of suicide that some readers may find distressing. You think you might start with Shakespeare. That has always been your solace.

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I did not look into his eyes, the youth who was armed with the venomous words he liberally spat at me.

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B Polaschek author photo

A New Velvet Jumpsuit

My love of clothes interests me profoundly: only it is not love; and what it is I must discover.

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Majella author pic 2021


A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

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