Gina 3 credit Vicky Leopold

Pasifika Futurism and Indigenous Ocean/Spaces: an interview with Gina Cole

Headland editor Gina Cole is the author of the short story collectionBlack Ice Matterand the speculative fiction novelNa Viro. She is interviewed by Octavia Cade.

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Emma Neale and dahlias


Can you wreak the havoc right out of something? Reason I ask: Dad’s friend, Deb, has come to stay and now the house feels all shiny and shrink-wrapped, but, like,…

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Isabel Yacura v2

Movement to Material and Space

Erin Dotle walked to the very center of Richard Serra’s Double Torqued Ellipse and when she walked out again, the world had ceased to exist.

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Hiria Dunning v2

Love in the Time of Te Rāhuinui

Ko wai ka kite i te hua o te kuaka? / Who has ever held a godwit's egg?[1] Not I. And I never will, I expect.

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Nicole Walsh Beetle

Last Job

I stepped out of the teleportation channel onto soot-grey stone, beneath soot-grey sky. My muscles buzzed and tingled, like parts of me were sizzling back together.

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Janis Freegard

Mercury and Back

The first time I went to Mercury, I was a little disappointed. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but that wasn't it.

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Aaron Dick

This Quiet Orpheus

It is my job to bring them back. I curl into the corner of our small couch while Hadley plays her family’s recordings from distant Earth.

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Rena Owen 1 v2

The End of Snow

The sun was a myth. Ona had never seen it. No one had.

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Nastasha v2

The World Maker

Even after fifteen years, the humidity still took Steph by surprise. It hit her like an open palm as she cleared security and unlocked the inner door.

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Toni Wi


My mother came to life at night. A maiden of Hina, she painted the many faces of her mistress on the canvas of the ocean.

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Hound of Hell

Sarah found the dog on a chilly February day. Or, rather, it found her.

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Neil James Hudson1

The People of the Sea

I go back there sometimes, leave the car on the road about a mile away and follow the overgrown track down the hill, usually picking up a scratch or two…

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Petra 50

Otherworldly Diaspora

I didn’t notice I was intruding. I was unaware that I was crossing a boundary.

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Jacqui Hammond 2

Eight Days in the Mirror

Our skins charred that summer. We came for just over a week, as we did most summers, the year before I became a teenager.

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Christopher Muscato v3

Birds of a Feather

Three green lights blinked in sequence, one, two, three. The scanner was activated, although not yet fully charged.

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