Alie Benge

Alie Benge has lived in Tauranga, Ethiopia, Tauranga again, and Australia, before finally ending up in Wellington. She is an editor for Open Polytechnic, and divides the rest of her time between writing her novel and trying to end modern slavery. Both feel equally difficult.

Alie Benge: Borrowing a rib and breathing life

Characterisation Part II

Following on from Craig Burnett’s post Kirk, and continuing our characterisation series, we hear from Alie Benge on crafting a believable character. Alie’s story ‘No Church in the Wild’ appears in Issue 9.

Alie Benge: No Church in the Wild

I look at the photos sometimes. I always leave them thinking, ‘Why do you do it? Why do you return?’ They’re always together, the beginning and the end. An air hostess must have taken the first one because we’re all in it. I’m peering out from behind Dad.