Bronwyn Polaschek

Bronwyn Polaschek lives on a hill in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. She is a mother all the time, a teacher most of the time, and, sometimes, a writer. 

Image credit Jay Gavin Scott

Bronwyn Polaschek: A New Velvet Jumpsuit

My love of clothes interests me profoundly: only it is not love; and what it is I must discover. Virginia Woolf


It is wrapped in tissue paper infused with small, silvery discs that are a cross between sequins and glitter.

Bronwyn Polaschek: Extras: Who I'd Go Op-Shopping With

If you were able to go op-shopping with any literary figure (author or character, past or present) who would it be, and what outfit would you pick for them? What do you imagine that day would be like? We asked Bronwyn Polaschek, writer and self-declared op-shopper, to speculate on these…