Chris Price

Chris Price is the author of three poetry collections and the mixed-genre ‘biographical dictionary’ Brief Lives. The Lobster’s Tale, a collaboration with photographer Bruce Foster, is forthcoming in the Massey University Press ‘kōrero’ series in 2021.  Chris convenes the Poetry and Creative Nonfiction MA workshop at the International Institute of Modern Letters, Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington.

Chris Price: Crackling Synapses

I was born with a few drops of euphoria, not the whole bucket. That makes me lucky, although not lucky enough to escape loving drunk when younger. Drunk both amped up the euphoria and solved (temporarily) some of the problems of living.

Chris Price: Figuring it out

I was lucky enough to spend 2020 at home writing, after a long period of not writing. A long period of not writing poems and essays, specifically. Did I still know how to write a poem? I wasn’t sure.