Ruth Mackenzie

A background in writing copy for radio for many years extinguished any love I had for the written word but now with a completely different career and many many more miles on the clock I am able to reignite the flame.

I have a great serious job which I love because I don’t take it too seriously and live in a tiny village in the Manawatu with my husband, 4 chickens, several tui and more wax eyes than we can count. Our blended family has 7 adult children plus partners, 9, soon to be 10, grandchildren ensuing a lot of complex planning, exhausting group chats on messenger and the need to always have at least one bed made up. I made the mistake very early on in asking what they would like me to cook when they come to visit and now suffer hours in the kitchen on a variety of difficult dishes catering for an ever-expanding list of dietary requirements. One day I’ll make mince on toast and there will be tears.


R Mackenzie

Mother Tongue

Being We’ve been in Timor-Leste for two weeks.

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