Zoë Meager

Zoë Meager is from Christchurch. Her flash fiction and short stories have appeared in several journals, at home and abroad. Her work was recently shortlisted for National Flash Fiction Day 2016, and for the 2016 Overland VU Short Story Prize. There are links to her work at zoemeager.com.

Zoë Meager : Extras: Interview with Zoë Meager

Extras: bonus content to complement the works in our issues: commentary, stories, interviews, and more. Second in our Extras series, Headland alumnus Allan Drew interviews New Zealand writer, and fellow Headland alum Zoë Meager. Zoe’s flash fiction story ‘How it Ends’ appears in Issue 7.

Zoë Meager : The Scar

She rests in Ahmad’s chair. The way it creaks used to drive her crazy.  

I understand that it is difficult for you to continue living in the house where your husband had his accident and, once again, I extend my deepest sympathies to you at this difficult time.

Zoë Meager : How It Ends

She knows how it ends because she is doing the ending now. Just checked in a very large suitcase which she had to manage by herself because Michael dropped her off and didn’t get out of the car, didn’t even cut the engine.