Writing First for Māori Readers: An Interview With Whiti Hereaka

Whiti Hereaka (Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Te Arawa) is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter and lecturer in Creative Writing at Massey University. She is a trustee of the Māori Literature Trust.

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Kakaramea School Cross Country

A rugged wee boy takes a three-point position, his Red Bands digging into the dirt.

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Jane pic resize v2

Le Masagi

Lē masagi (pronounced “lē masangi”) in Sāmoan literally means to be unfamiliar with or not be used to something.

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Paul Mills

Gustav's Pole

There are four of us gathered around Gustav’s pole. It’s still dark and the village square is quiet. No one’s going to stop this act of heroism.

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Nick Fairclough resize credit Antoni Karolak


Cloud sweeps in from the east. It’s soon a thick grey woolly blanket that covers the sky…or the Earth, depending on which way you look at it.

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Claire Gray

Swimming Lessons

Daisy sits on a wooden bench at the edge of the lane pool. Directly in front of her, a group of mothers and babies are taking a lesson.

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Heidi North

Baa-Tuna and the Rampage

Baa-Tuna came to us a sickly, sticky little lamb, soaking wet and knock-kneed after being dragged from the pond the neighbouring farmer found him in.

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Out in Gestures

I text Scully to tell him I’ll fuck him in exchange for a Xanny. Haven’t slept in days. It can’t be that bad, really. The sex, not the sleep.

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Helena Pantsis

White Ants

The pest controller and I stood contemplating the house; not because it’d changed, because it hadn’t, except in its familiarity.

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Dan Ralph this one

Out of the Blue

Note: This essay contains mentions of suicide and violence that readers may find distressing. Day 1. “Take the new boy,” said Frenchie. Suicide, sixth-floor window.

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Hannah Field this one

3, 2, 1, Hadron!

I first heard about the gigantic world-destroying machine under Lake Geneva when my friend Kate came to the door with a bottle of Lindauer Fraise.

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Erin photo for Headland this one

The Huia

Her deathday was February 29th, 2020.

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