Bryan Walpert Headshot

Returned From the Future: Headland Interview with Bryan Walpert

Professor Bryan Walpert is a poet, fiction writer, essayist and literary scholar.

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Saba crop 3

The Affliction

Kuya Taho croons in the gloaming. His voice carries across the barangay, where it’s quiet except for the strays panting in the leftover heat.

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Rebecca Reader

You Never Really Touched Anything in Your Whole Life

All humans on Earth would fit inside a sugar cube, says the scientist on the car radio. You’d just need a giant trash compactor with infinite crushing power.

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Hana Perry


Poutūterangi / March 2016 I watch for D in the sea, waiting for them to surface, stealthily swimming towards them as they come up for air.

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BECS TETLEY COLOUR WEB Ebony Lamb Photographer 2023 19

Pacific Standard Time

Dad bought me my first watch when I was nine.

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Matthew Scott

Shooting Star

Sometimes Jamie wondered if he was face blind.

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Danielle Heyhoe crop

Offset the Trauma

1. Mum was sprawled in a peace sign on the living room carpet, the sun casting light between the spokes of her arms and legs.

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Fungi crop

Mixed Bag

Open monologue to an empty house: There is a dream of a cis boy inside of me. My worst indulgence is to imagine him in long-legged, trim-physique glory.

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Christopher Lee crop

Happy Valley

My parents ran a Chinese takeaway shop called Happy Valley that was joined to our house like an appendage.

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stan fennbraithwaitephoto

The Weight of Falling Water

(October 2022) Our landscape is drunk with rain. The hills drink rain until they can no longer hold it. They get giddy and it all comes back out.

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Shelley Marie Nelms

The Drop-In

We always leave Grandma’s house late at night, after the Braves game ends or midnight hits, whichever comes first.

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Angela Trolove 2

Kit of Jewels

A mother's love poem to her son Latest diary entry before I give my first son to the light: Seen from the balcony, he was running in a…

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