Aasiya F. M. Glover

Aasiya F. M. Glover is an Asian-American raised in the American South, currently residing in New York City and working as a lawyer. She has published one story in the now-defunct literary magazine Damazine, which was then published out of Syria.

Aasiya F. M. Glover: Extras: ‘The Mississippi Pulls You Under’

Extras: bonus content to complement the works in our issues: commentary, stories, interviews, and more. “This really is Memphis – built on the wreckage of pain and dismemberment, building beauty slowly from abandoned places we can’t help but revisit.

Aasiya F. M. Glover: The Mississippi Pulls You Under

It was May, and the humidity lay like a wet dog on a porch, panting over the Mississippi River. Memphis slept, and except in the late-night haunts of Beale Street and the brightly lit houses of the city’s teenagers, a thick silence comforted the dreaming.