Caoimhe McKeogh

Caoimhe McKeogh has a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Te Herenga Waka Victoria University. Her poetry and prose has been widely published in Australian and New Zealand journals, including Overland, Turbine, Starling, Cordite, Meniscus, and Mimicry. She was the recipient of Headland’s 2015 Frontier Prize and is now a member of Headland's editorial team.

Caoimhe McKeogh: Extras: Interview with Caoimhe McKeogh

Extras: bonus content to complement the works in our issues: commentary, stories, interviews, and more. Caoimhe McKeogh’s story ‘The Saturday Shift’ appears in Issue 8.  Caoimhe is 22 years old. She studies English Literature at Wellington’s Victoria University and works in disability community support.

Caoimhe McKeogh: Lemon

The lemon was made out of plastic, but it was the same size as a lemon that had grown on a tree.

Caoimhe McKeogh: The Saturday Shift

I arrive at work and Jono says, “Sit down, Darcy, we need to talk. ”

He makes us each the Jono Special: three teaspoons of coffee, one and a half of Milo, one teaspoon of sugar. 66% water, 34% milk. We sit opposite each other at the table.

Caoimhe McKeogh: Headland Alumni: Where are they now?

Alie Benge

The Headland team love to watch what happens next in the writing lives of authors we have published – we find out through Facebook updates, tweets, emails letting us know that their Headland story will now be published in their first book, or exciting new additions to their author...