Isabelle McNeur

Isabelle McNeur studies at Victoria University, where she has completed several IIML courses. In 2015 she won the Margaret Mahy Award for Best Folio at the Hagley Writers’ Institute, in 2017 she won the Prize for Original Composition in at the IIML, and in 2018 she will be completing the Hachette Mentorship Program. She hopes to one day be financially stable enough to adopt a dog.

Blog 53

Isabelle’s Writing Space

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Issue 12


As Jude watched the mourners huddle around the coffin, she wondered whether it would be better to fake sadness, blankness or pity.

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Issue 13


The day of the quake, I brought two dollars to go to the Cathedral. I’d been once when I was 12 and I wanted to go again.

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