Sally Christie

Sally Christie is a graduate of the Advanced Fiction Writing course at The Creative Hub. She has written an as yet unpublished novel and some short stories.  She has also written for online blogs.  She is crossing off countries on her travelling bucket list. She can be found living in Auckland for now, gathering steam for the next adventure.

Sally Christie: Extras: ‘The Caretaker’ with Sally Christie

Extras: bonus content to complement the works in our issues: commentary, stories, interviews, and more. For Issue 10 we zoom in on Sally Christie’s story 'The Caretaker'. All of our editorial team agreed that Sally’s story achieves something that makes it difficult to forget.

Sally Christie: The Caretaker

I’ve lived long enough to know I should stay in the background. It’s better that way. The landscape and people have changed so much I wouldn’t know how to be in it these days. But I know how to help behind the scenes.