Issue 8

Caoimhe McKeogh: The Saturday Shift

I arrive at work and Jono says, “Sit down, Darcy, we need to talk. ”

He makes us each the Jono Special: three teaspoons of coffee, one and a half of Milo, one teaspoon of sugar. 66% water, 34% milk. We sit opposite each other at the table.

Charlotte Rutty: Indian Ocean

They’ve found a piece of that plane, says the radio, the one that disappeared almost a year ago. A piece of that plane has washed ashore on the coast of Madagascar, battered and wave-tossed, full of stories it’s just dying to tell someone.

Tom Baragwanath: Real Talk

1. It was hot inside the Reefton District Hall, hotter than even the locals expected. For the past two years the local Board of Trustees had been discussing options to install central cooling, or possibly a couple of large extractor fans.

Holly Hall: OK to Ask

No! You always make me go first,’ I say it quietly, but I’m angry. Biologically I’m the odd one out, standing awkwardly with Marlise and Katherine, in the shallow school pool. I can’t win, but I’ll protest anyway.

Lorraine Marson: People are Animals Too

‘You that cancer guy’s woman?’

Sonia is distracted from her walking thoughts by a woman who is perched on the edge of a low stone fence. She doesn’t reply at first, she hadn’t heard that for years.